Pospoint Bar Till 2

The Sam 500 series hybrid cash register for food, beverage and hospitality use.

The 500 series from Pospoint comprises of 4 models which combine a 7″ colour touch display with a flat keyboard for food and drink product buttons.

The touch display facilitates easy order entry for food menu / kitchen printing.

Time & attendance is also featured where staff clock in and out with associated report.

The 520 series model feature both receipt and journal printers in one unit with 58mm thermal rolls while the 530 model uses a single integrated printer using an 80mm thermal paper roll. The journal sales can automatically backup to an SD card slot.

Sam model 520

Sam model 520













Some features include:

  • Table Order / Management
  • Fast and Silent Printer
  • Ingredient file
  • Condiment items
  • Kitchen Instructions
  • Dallas security keys for operator management
  • Barcode scanning
  • Manager control
  • Discounts and Surcharges
  • 10 Tenders ( Cash, Card, Cheque etc)
  • Electronic journal


The range has four models : Brochure 1      Brochure 2

SPS- 520 FT (Dual printer – flat keyboard)

SPS- 520 RT (Dual printer – raised keyboard)

SPS- 530 FT (Single printer – Flat keyboard)

SPS- 530 RT (Single printer – Raised keyboard)