Dry Cleaning & Shoe Repairs etc


ECR Touch from POSPOINT is an affordable solution to manage the special requirements for a dry cleaning or shoe repair business, simplifying the process of taking in items of clothing etc.



ECR Touch Dry Clean receipt

Customer Ticket





  • A customer is given a bar-coded ticket which is scanned when the customer returns to give instant retrieval of dry cleaning.
  • Easily retrieve details where customers have lost their tickets
  • Automatic rail number allocation. A rail number is created for each item
  • Send sms text message when items are ready
  • Run Customer Accounts, with monthly statements
  • Apply discount on product or on full amount
  • Customer search by name, address, phone number
  • Prices can be applied per weight if needed
  • Loyalty and Vouchers
  • Multi-site capability
  • Sales report can be automatically emailed at end of day
  • Free iPhone app shows site sales data


For a demonstration or price call 01 5056521 or email: info@pospoint.ie