Uniwell HX-4500



HX-4500 Compact bezel-free 15″touchscreen from Uniwell

See also our 10″ model HX-1500

Features include:

  • Secure sign-on
  • Clock- In System for staff hours
  • Multiple price levels
  • Table tracking and Bar tabs
  • Graphical Table plan
  • Promotions can be set to auto start and finish
  • Take out/ Eat in system
  • Cooking Instructions to kitchen
  • Wireless Printers can be used
  • Waiter Order Android software
  • Meal Deals
  • OAP Discounts
  • Encourage guests to revisit by enriched customer loyalty
  • Loyalty system
  • Caller ID interface to pick up phone numbers
  • Net Alert system – Receive a text if product needs to be restocked-large void etc.
  • Till Alert system in conjunction with CCTV
  • Remote management via internet
  • Sales reports via internet
  • Chinese characters for kitchen print order
  • Affordable Back-Office software
  • Can be wall-mounted

Robustness of embedded software even allows the screen to be powered down mid-transaction without loss of data.

From busy restaurants and bars to fast food outlets, nightclubs and hotels the flexiblity of the software allows the system to be configured for table service or quick service.  Our Clients


A new generation Pos terminal, the Hx-4500 is fast, reliable and affordable with all the features found in Pc based systems but without the hassles of the windows operating system. Fast and quiet with no moving parts (no hard drive, no fan)

In the earlier days of PC’s when they were much more expensive, many Pos terminals ran on embedded software (ATMs, ticketing machines etc). With more powerful CPU’s there is a move back to embedded systems as they are secure, stable and easy to operate. (Look around at Mobile phones, gaming machines and consumer electronics).

We think this is the best system for it’s price on the market for hospitality

As well as speedy operation another  key advantage of embedded POS is instant power ON/OFF without waiting for an operating system to boot/shutdown.  No windows means safety from virus and hacking as well as  longer lifetime with lower maintenance and support costs.

For more information and prices call 01 5056521 or email: info@pospoint.ie