Buying Epos hardware

There is a wide range of Pos hardware on the market.  The downward push on price has brought cheaper but not neccessarily better equipment.

How do you choose one from another? Do you go for the cheapest? Do you look on your epos system more as an asset to your business or merely another expense?

Do you want customers delayed because your POS terminal has locked up? Or printer jammed? The choice of hardware is at least as important as the software that will run on it.

These guidelines may be useful for those considering a purchase.

  • Don’t buy hardware first.  All software comes with specific hardware requirements and even if  specification is highlighted for a particular software it will invariably show minimum requirements.
  • Beware if intending to purchase used hardware, especially if not through a recognised supplier. Buying cheaper or used equipment can mean buying sub-standard equipment.

Reliability is key when purchasing POS hardware. What might work in an office environment is not neccessarily suitable for use in retail. For example printers can take a lot of abuse, from spillage to being knocked around.

Pos terminals use durable components designed for the retail environment. The screens are designed to keep dust and moisture at bay and the true-flat terminals such at our Vision and PT range are completely sealed with no break between cabinet and screen. Ideal for hospitality outlets where drinks are being served.

For  POS terminal reliability, build quality and processor speed should be taken into consideration. 


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