Answers to some frequently asked questions

What equipment do you have for my type of business?

We have a solution for most business types, from hospitality to more general retail. Some bespoke solutions for Dry-cleaning, Delivery and takeaway, Clothing and more.

We can provide mid-range cash registers, computer-based and touchscreen and cloud as well as Android solutions.

Where can I see a demonstration?

We can arrange to call into your premises with some equipment or for a short meeting.

That way we can get a better feel for your business needs and answer any questions you may have.

What is the approximate costs?

With cash registers from 595 euro we have something to suit all budgets

Touchscreen packages are from 1895 standard, depending on what you require (there may be some add-ons or software modules). We can give a quote more easily if we meet to discuss requirements.

What does price include?

Price usually includes setup of your departments and keyboard in case of cash registers and in the case of touchscreens all of the button screens needed to start using.

Training and setup is included as well. Support if required is free for 12 months.

Product file import may be included in price depending on formats etc – there may be a nominal charge for this if needed – (sometimes we get a dozen or more supplier files to import and these can take a bit of work)

Do you provide leasing on equipment?

Yes,  leasing can be arranged in most instances.

For a limited company in business for 3 years we usually have an answer on same day.

For sole traders our leasing provider may ask for extra information about your business.

Do you sell used equipment?

Sometimes we do, depending on what we may have traded in. Also some of our suppliers have reconditioned equipment to sell on at times.

Rarely we may have a cancelled order or a new model comes on market and we have some stock of previous one.

However not all used equipment is good enough to sell on – (age/wear & tear/warranty/new features)

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